Building this home was demanding but it was worth the effort.

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“We really live in this home!” Belinda said. Just a few days before they had so many people over for a hay-bailing party, they couldn’t fit them all in the house. Besides their 10 acres of hay fields, horses and farm animals, the Schumachers also get more use of their home than the average family. Belinda home-schools all three of their children, who are actively involved in various activities including 4-H, volunteering with the special Olympics, sports, dance lessons, and more.

Before building their 3,420 square foot, 5 bedroom, 31/2 bath home in the country, the Schumacher’s lived in a 1,900 square foot home in Boise. It had always been their dream to build a home in the country with enough land for kids, horses and animals

Each member of the family was actively involved in building the home they now fondly call “My Villa”. Though building the home was sometimes demanding, all agree the hard work was well worth the effort. Heather, Crystal and Josiah each have their own bedrooms now, with space to develop their individual talents.

Building this home has also been an excellent investment for the Schumacher family. The entire building and land costs came to $205,000. And the day it was completed it was appraised for $305,000. It’s current value is now $330,000.

The Schumacher’s plans for “My Villa”? Live in it for the rest of their lives, and pass it on to future generations.

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