Building this home has really brought us together as a family. It was hard work, but we have some great memories of working side by side.

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The Sater's Success Story

Building through Cagnor Homes, Inc. is the only way Ron and Diane Sater can afford to build their 4,400 square foot home. With eight children ages 31/2 to 16, they have made use of every inch of their current 2,450 square foot home. The Sater's have built over 40% sweat equity into their new home.

The Sater’s have always wanted a home big enough to serve others in. Besides home schooling their children the Saters also enjoy being hospitable towards other families. They hope to have missionaries on furlough staying with them from time to time and have offered the master bedroom to their parents. “Our home has always been part of our ministry,” said Diane, who has managed to take an active roll in building the home without neglecting the little ones.

On Fridays and Saturdays the whole Sater family can be found working together at the building site. From oldest to youngest they all do their part. Even little Sarah (3 1/2) helps out by picking up trash from around the building site.

When the little ones aren’t helping with clean up and other little projects, they’re enjoying the land. With 1 3/4 acres there’s plenty of room for building forts and playing hide and seek. “Its been incredible to watch the kids rise to the occasion and help around here. They never whine or complain about helping out. We couldn’t have done it without the kids.”

When Jonathan (16) was given a book about wiring the home, he read it and then did all the wiring with his dad and Eric (12). Ron now asks Jonathan questions about wiring.

All the older kids have learned to do their part but even Andrea (8) follows her daddy around the house keeping her eyes open for ways to be of assistance. With plans to live in this home for the rest of their lives the Sater’s enjoy knowing the kids will have such a since of ownership over it with all the work they’ve done.

Besides the financial benefits of building their own home the Saters have also been excited to see the increased family unity they now have. Each of the kids has bonded together and with their parents in a way they never have before. This has been a growing and learning experience for each of the family.

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