I built 20% sweat equity into this home. Thank you Cagnor Homes for guiding me through the process.

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Nathaniel Longstreet is a 26 year old Electrical Engineer with a head for business. His goal is to own his own home completely debt free in 10 years. That is why Nathaniel decided to build through Cagnor Homes. The 1,750 square foot home he’s building now will only cost him $142,000 to build. The pre-construction appraisal came to $178,500, saving him $36,500. This savings, 21% sweat equity, is the main reason Nathaniel is building his own home.

He plans to finish building this home and then sell and rebuild another home in 2 years, using the profits from his first home towards his second. Nathaniel wants to continue doing this until he owns his 5th home completely debt free, by the age of 36!

Nathaniel works for Maida Engineering and received his Electrical Engineering degree from Bob Jones University.

He lives a busy life, filling his days with work and his evenings with working on the house. But even young business minded men have time for love. Nathaniel is getting married in May of 2002. Adrianna, his wife to be, is looking forward to decorating the new home and Nathaniel is looking forward to letting her, as decorating is not his favorite thing to do.

Nathaniel is on the right track with his goals to be debt free in ten years. He is building his home in a neighborhood in Meridian that will have excellent resale value. With 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a 3 car garage it is highly unlikely Nathaniel will have any problems reselling this home and fulfilling his financial goals.

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