We saved $190,000 by building with Cagnor Homes. The average family in our area doesn't earn that much money in a year.

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The Felzien's

Tom and Leanne Felzien found significant savings by building through the Cagnor Homew Owner Involved Building Program. Their sweat equity was worth $190,000 or 30%.

This 5,800 square foot home is a big step up for the Felzienís who used to live in a 1,600 square foot home. Tom and Leanne always wanted a place in the country where they could raise their five children with room to roam. Now ages 8 months to 10, the kids take full advantage of their 35 acres.

Leanne acted as the general contractor of their home, bringing the kids with her every day to the building site. As a family they put in all the electrical and helped out with a few other things. Kyle (10) was only 7 when they were building but he was still a big help. Not only did he assist his parents with the electrical but he also helped with the siding and was with his mom, throughout the process, helping however he could. Kyle remembers well all the work they did and he has a since of pride in the fact that he helped out.

The Felzienís finished building their home in only 6 months. Quite remarkable for a home of its size. In those 6 months not everything ran perfectly smooth but they resolved each issue as it arose, learning from them.

Overall, it was a good experience for the whole family as well as a smart financial move. Tom and Leanne plan to live on their acreage until they retire. Leanne thinks they might wait even longer then that so any future Grandkids can enjoy the property as well. At that point they want to sell the land leaving them plenty of money for retirement.

The Felziens have plenty of things to keep them busy between now and retirement. Besides raising their son and 4 beautiful daughters, there is an unfinished basement that needs completion, an orchard they planted that will need constant care and general upkeep on their acreage as well as on their home. The Felziens are living a full and happy life.

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