We didn’t know anything about construction, but Cagnor Homes helped us every step of the way to build our beautiful new home.

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If You Don't Own Land

Personalized meeting
Allows us to answer any questions, and determine how the Cagnor Homes Owner-Involved Building Program can meet your housing needs & goals. There is no charge for this meeting.

Pre-qualification for financing
Before we can move forward, we must determine how much money you have to work with. The cost to pull your credit and determine your pre-qualification status is $35.00.

Begin your search for land
We can assist you in your search for available land through the Multiple Listing Service, but the best way to locate your ideal building site is to get out and drive the area you want to live in. Also, don’t forget to search the newspapers, Nickel ads, and various Real Estate publications. It is not necessary to own land before starting the process of building with Cagnor Homes.

Select a home
Choose from one of over 70 Cagnor standard plans, or bring us one of your own. Your plans or ours.

Cost Summary
Cagnor Homes will establish a preliminary budget for the total cost of your home called a “Cost Summary.” It is a tool we use to predict the total cost of your project, and to help you keep your building finances on track throughout the project.

Purchase Agreement
When you sign a Purchase Agreement to build with Cagnor Homes, the cost, quality, and quantity of your building materials will be locked in, and guaranteed in writing. During the coarse of the project, there will be no additional management or consulting fees. No hidden “overrides” on labor or financing.

Buy or Option land
You may purchase, or choose to “option” your building site land at this point.

Finalize blueprints
Once your home is drawn up just the way you want it on paper, you will sign-off on your finalized blueprints. With final blueprints in hand, you are ready to begin confirming bids and obtaining your building permits.

Pre-Construction appraisal
The lender will call for a pre-construction appraisal prior to closing on the loan for your home. Your pre-construction appraisal vs. Cost Summary (cost to build) = YOUR IMMEDIATE EQUITY and YOUR DOWNPAYMENT, and YOUR SAVINGS.

Close on your loan
One-step or two-step closings available. See “Financing” section for more information.

Construction begins
You are now ready to begin building your home.

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