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If you are willing to contribute “sweat equity” in the building of your home, Cagnor Homes can save you thousands of dollars on your cost. Your participation not only helps to satisfy the huge up-front cash requirement, but also provides you with immediate equity in your new home. Savings and immediate equity of 20-40% are typical for our customers.

Cagnor Homes offers the most complete Owner-Involved Building Program available anywhere, featuring: construction & permanent financing, step-by-step guidance, and premium quality building materials – all designed specifically for people without prior construction experience. Unlike pre-fab or modular component construction, Cagnor Homes are built using traditional, proven methods familiar to the subcontractors in your area. This allows you to build a home of quality, distinction, and individuality.

As the Owner-Builder, you will hire and oversee the work of subcontractors, and have the opportunity to do much of the work yourself. Of course, the more work you do, the more money you’ll save and the more home you’ll get for your investment.

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